Alarm Clock With Qi Wireless Charging Pad


With our alarm clock in a beautiful wooden design you will not only wake up in time, also you have a fully charged smartphone every morning. The QI wireless charging function, charges your smartphone without a kable, the integrated fast charging technology, charges your smartphone as quickly as possible.

Thanks to the "Sound Control function", the alarm clock can be switched on easily by clapping or snapping. So at night, you can also turn on the clock without searching for it. Simply clap and the time appears.

With the built-in battery compartment, the alarm clock is perfect for traveling. With four batteries, it can be easily operated anywhere without mains connection


☑️ Handcrafted, eco friendly and sustainable -  we make sure that all of our products are made of real wood. Thats why we decided to give nature something back. If you purchase one of our products, we will plant a tree!

☑️ clap or snap to switch onWhenever its dark and you need to know how long you stay awake or sleep on, simply use the sound control to see the time.

☑️ fully charged smartphone every morning The Alarm clock has a wireless fast charging pad on the top so you don't need to use chargers anymore. Just place it on top if you go to sleep and you will never ever have an empty battery when you wake up.

☑️ stunning designmade out of wood our alarm clock looks perfect to any kind of modern or classic interior. The handcrafted wood has a good feeling and is eco friendly and sustainable.

🌱 We support nature with its own resource by using the proceeds from bespoke, luxurious, biodegradable lifestyle products to plant treesand restore our ecosystem’s balance. The beneficial tree planting effects on environment health are not only encouraging; they’re attainable. 🌳

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