Wooden Desktop Monitor Stand

The monitor stand adjusts the monitor height the optimal viewing angle to help reduce eye and neck strain. In addition, it adds useful storage space underneath the monitor. The compact stand is made of quality wooden material and is strong and durable.

This monitor stand raises the monitor 4 inches to eye level so you can look at the screen without bending your neck, reducing the risk of stiffness and muscle tension. The drawer and multifunctional storage space prevents your desk from looking messy. It has room for monitor, keyboard, mouse, pens, cups, and other small office supplies.

The product is designed for home or office use. It can be used for your PC, notebook, or TV.

  • Material: Bamboo wood
  • Dimensions: 48cm × 20cm × 12.3cm / 18.90in × 7.87in × 4.84in

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