Slim Bamboo Phone Case

This brand-new case is heavy-duty, tough, protective, and stylish. All buttons and ports are easily accessible. There are openings for the camera lens and buttons. The design on the back of your case is unique.

Slim and lightweight case made of high-quality wood. Very easy to snap on and off your phone. This case covers and protects the back and sides of your phone, and there’s a small lip on the front of the case. This case is good for any phone brand. This is a one-piece slim and thin case. 

The case is perfect for the person who wants some extra protection for their phone without having a super bulky case. It is manufactured to be convenient for everyday use. Keep your phone safe and protected in style with this case.

Available for one plus 5! 

🌱 We support nature with its own resource by using the proceeds from bespoke, luxurious, biodegradable lifestyle products to plant treesand restore our ecosystem’s balance. The beneficial tree planting effects on environment health are not only encouraging; they’re attainable.🌳

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