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WoodenChoice International Limited Launches to Promote Tree Planting and Offer Luxury Wood Products at the Same Time

Promoting eco-friendly luxury products while protecting the earth through sustainable living, a forward-thinking company launches a new brand.

Niedersachsen, Germany - April 15, 2019- So what do the best wooden earphones, a wireless wooden phone charger, and a bamboo phone case have in common? A new company hopes to use them to up the ante on utilitarian style while educating consumers on how to reduce deforestation. Founded in a nominal sixty-days to equally promote eco-friendly luxury living and save the planet, WoodenChoice has come to stay. Why is that? Because as an earth-conscious hub, the new site gives consumers a place to buy handcrafted accessories made of a renewable resource while it helps to curb the negatives of deforestation. It sounds like a thoughtful win/ win.

To meet its worthy goals, WoodenChoice has thought outside the box to partner with Now, along with supplying the marketplace with things like natural wood phone cases and wooden desktop stands, they will plant a tree for every single purchase. Helping consumers feel even better about each sustainable buy they make, WoodenChoice promises that no two products will ever have the same wood grain. Also, items like the company’s wood headphones give a better sound when listening to acoustic instruments in particular. More superior to plastic or metal due to its inability to hamper sound quality, wood creates a more realistic experience when tunes are top- of-mind.

Lennart Schersich, the founder of WoodenChoice International Limited, said of the effort to educate people about how to maintain ecological balance in nature through sustainable products, “We support nature with its own resource by using the

proceeds from bespoke, luxurious, biodegradable lifestyle products to plant trees and restore our ecosystem’s balance. The beneficial tree planting effects on environment health are not only encouraging; they’re attainable. Replacing a tree that we use is just one way to protect the earth.”

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About WoodenChoice International Limited:

WoodenChoice International Limited has a mission to save the world by reducing the ef- fects of deforestation, promoting ecological balance through tree planting and, providing high-end eco-friendly lifestyle products as viable alternatives for consumers with luxury tastes.

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Lennart Schersich
Founder, WoodenChoice International Limited

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