Wood Hard-Back Phone Case

This handcrafted wooden hard-back phone case is perfectly designed to fit your iPhone. It’s not just the perfect complement to your phone it will feel like it too.

The case is warm and pleasant to the touch, very thin, and rubber-coated to prevent slipping. With its own distinctive coloring and unique grain, each case gains a unique character. Ultra slim, lightweight, and stylish.

The case is durable and protects your iPhone from scratches and bumps. It is not just a case but artwork the unique design, superior quality, and environmentally friendly material showcase your elegance.


Cherry Wood


Black Walnut

Available for iPhone!

🌱 We support nature with its own resource by using the proceeds from bespoke, luxurious, biodegradable lifestyle products to plant treesand restore our ecosystem’s balance. The beneficial tree planting effects on environment health are not only encouraging; they’re attainable.🌳

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