Wooden Smartphone Magnifier

With our new wooden smartphone magnifier, you can turn your smartphone easily into a Cinema. Open the product and you can start. Place your smartphone on the designated holder. Magically, the magnifying glass turns into a giant screen. You can now watch movies and videos in their full glory.

When folded up, the smartphone magnifier is as big as a laptop, and because of its low weight and thin design, it fits into any backpack. So, it can be easily taken to any place. Whether on the plane, in the train, at work or at home, just set up and enjoy.
A simply must have for everyone who watches video on the smartphone!

☑️ Handcrafted, eco friendly and sustainable -  we make sure that all of our products are made of real wood. Thats why we decided to give nature something back. If you purchase one of our products, we will plant a tree!

☑️ Watch your favorite videos wherever you are - in high definition - Perfect for watching videos at the sunset. The Smartphone Magnifier works perfectly with Netflix or all other kinds of streaming. You don't have to wait until you are home to have a big screen. Look your favorite action movie or sitcom right on you smartphone in full definition.

☑️ Easy to set up within a few seconds - you can carry your Smartphone Magnifier wherever you are. It is foldable and fits perfect in your bag. Perfect for traveling or long time journeys. Just fold it up and you are ready within seconds.

☑️ Available in different kinds of wood - If you prefer to watch your videos in style, you should choose one of our high quality wood. Depending on your personal style there are 6 different variants for every location.

🌱 We support nature with its own resource by using the proceeds from bespoke, luxurious, biodegradable lifestyle products to plant treesand restore our ecosystem’s balance. The beneficial tree planting effects on environment health are not only encouraging; they’re attainable.🌳

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